Investment Advisory

Financial Advisory/M&A

Acquisitions, Mergers and Joint Ventures

Our advisory team has experience with deals in various sectors, industries and markets. We provide impartial advice and support our clients during all stages of the transaction - from the selection, evaluation and approach of applicable targets to the structuring, negotiation and financing of their transaction.

Divestitures and Spin-off

When a company, subsidiary or division is about to be sold, our financial experts will mobilize their extensive experience in this area to assist management and the owners of the company during every stage of the sale. Using our network of local and international contacts, we will advise on appropriate sale strategies, consult in the search for potential buyers, accept and evaluate offers, negotiate the best possible conditions for the client.

Management Buyouts (MBOs) and Buyins (MBIs)

Our company provides active support to MBO and MBI candidates with expert and professional advice. This includes the preparation of an effective business plan, the development of reliable financial forecasts and the design of the optimal structure the MBO and MBI deals. Based on the long-term local experience and market expertise of our team of experts, we will assist in defining, negotiating and engaging a suitable private equity, mezzanine finance or lending.

Business Valuations

In the field of evaluation, Compass Capital JSC places its main focus on the client, providing realistic and objective market valuation of our client's company. Based on our extensive experience in the field, we will study in detail the prospects and potential of the market and the company, as well as any other variables that could affect the value of the company's strategic objectives of its owners, which gives them the privilege of an informed decision and long-term view on business factors.

Business Plans

In the Business Plan, we implemented all parameters in order to help our customers understand with relatively high level of security, the key risks, their levels and most effective practices to reduce the sensitivity of the company to these risks. We provide a realistic and objective view of their company as a bases for future development. 

Financial Restructuring

Detailed balance restructuring requires practical experience and substantial financial, legal and regulatory know-how. Our company has sound knowledge of capital restructuring, its instruments and related processes (e.g. the rights and obligations of the company and the board of directors, laws and regulations relating to mergers and acquisitions, delisting requirements), the interests and limitations of the holders of debt and equity (investors and creditors).


It is imperative to carefully analyze any state-owned business, which is intended for privatization, in order to determine its potential as an independent business and, if relevant, to accommodate suitable solution for each situation. Privatizations require practical experience and substantial financial, legal and regulatory know-how. Our team has all the necessary resources to close a deal to the highest satisfaction of our clients.