Investment Advisory

Debt Financing

Private Placements

Private placement of debt instruments together with institutional investorsboth in Bulgaria and in the EU has been a preferred option for long-term financing for many local companies.

Syndicated Loans

Syndicated loans are an effective way of financing an extensive scope of initiatives such as working capital, refinancing, acquisitions, expansions and/or commercial financing. Our company's credibility within the banking system as well as our expertise in such deals enables us to formulate the optimal structure of the transaction and to identify and engage appropriate creditors for the client's specific needs.

Bridge Financing

In cases when funding in the short term is not available especially for ad-hoc projects, such as opportunistic acquisitions or immediate expansion projects, we are able to structure and provide financing alternatives for the client's business in the form of bridge financing and subsequently arrange for a permanent financing solution.

Structured Finance

In complex case of a need for financing such as projects, leverage, acquisitions and/or real estate acquisition, we will structure and place an innovative financing solution specified exclusively for the client's individual needs.