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Key Information


Return  11.99%
Standard deviation        12.54%      


The investment policy of Compass Fund Select-21 provides investment in liquid Bulgarian and foreign financial instruments in units of collective investment schemes and other collective investment enterprises as well as fixed income securities and securities with the ultimate aim of structuring and maintaining a portfolio of units of collective investment schemes and other collective investment undertakings, as well as shares and debt securities with growth potential to provide optimal income when curtailed of risk. For the implementation of this strategy, the management company applies the model of active management of the portfolio of financial instruments and cash.


ISIN                                                                             BG9000002188
Fund's currency BGN
Date of launching 16.07.2018
Accounting year 01.01 - 31.12
Purchase fee 0.2%
Redemption fee 0.2%
Management fee 0.5%



Unit prices calculated on 20.09.2019 based on the Net Asset Value of the fund as at 19.09.2019

Fund Net Asset Value 
NAV per unit Purchase price Redemption price Quantity of the 
units outstanding
Compass Funds Select-21       124 205.05 BGN           0.9470 BGN           0.9470 BGN     0.9470 BGN 131 151.5882

The above prices are valid for orders submitted not later than 4 p.m. on 19.09.2019. When purchasing units of this Fund no other expenses are charged. Charges for redemption of units are 0.2% of the NAV per unit and are included in the redemption price.

Detailed information about the Fund including the Prospectus, the Key investor information, Monthly newsletter and other documents can be downloaded from the Documents section.