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2015 2016 2017 2018 Since inception* Last 12 months YTD 
Return 10.44%  -6.43% 6.69% -4.48% 2.79% -5.94% 8.97%
Standard Deviation 11.85%   12.46%  6.67% 17.17% N/A 14.80% 14.80% 

Mutual Fund "Compass Global Trends" invests in shares of growth companies. These are companies whose sales and earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate, relative to the stock market. Growth companies usually do not pay a dividend, as the company would prefer to reinvest retained earnings in capital projects. The purpose of the fund is to identify and invest in companies with more than 20% annual revenue growth, which operate in sectors of the global economy with the highest growth potential. 

Mutual Fund "Compass Global Trends" currently focuses on the following five investment themes:

  • Sustainability (solar/wind/geothermal energy, energy from waste, smart grids, electric cars, lighting, batteries/accumulators)
  • Technology (mobile technology, mobile internet, social/mobile networks, e-commerce, smart devices, internet of things, cyber security, games, robots, self-driving vehicles, automation, advanced materials)
  • Lifestyle (brand recognition, healthy lifestyle, organic and natural foods, food supplements, home improvements, wearable sensors for health and activities, media content)
  • Cloud Technology and Big Data (software as a service, virtualization, IT networks, data analysis and processing, data integration and management, data storage, data centers)
  • Biotechnology and Healthcare (treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases; research and diagnostics; next generation genetics; minimally invasive surgery; synthetic biology)
ISIN BG9000001149
Fund's currency BGN
Date of launching 11.04.2007
Date of change of Managerial team June 2011
Accounting year 01.01 - 31.12
Purchase fee -
Redemption fee 1.0%

Unit prices calculated on 20.09.2019 based on the Net Asset Value of the fund as at 19.09.2019

Fund Net Asset Value
NAV per unit Purchase price Redemption price Quantity of the
units outstanding
Compass Global Trends 1 259 471.08 BGN 1.1629 BGN 1.1629 BGN 1.1629 BGN 1 082 999.2137

The above prices are valid for orders submitted not later than 4 p.m. on 19.09.2019. When purchasing units of this Fund no other expenses are charged. Charges for redemption of units are 1.0% of the NAV per unit and are included in the redemption price.

Detailed information about the Fund including the Prospectus, the Key investor information, Monthly newsletter and other documents can be downloaded from the Documents section. 

*Annualized return