Asset Management

Individual Investors

We provide wealth management for individuals and their families. This service is suitable for individuals/families with sound savings, capital assets, real estate, etc. who prefer to rely on the professionalism of financial experts to manage their investment portfolios, especially in the current turbulent economic times worldwide.

This service includes the management of individual portfolios of assets (securities and/or cash and/or assets) whereby the clients define their specific investment objectives, return requirements, risk tolerance levels in pursuit of greater wealth.

For already established clients, apart from the above mentioned services, we can offer exclusive services (Family Office services) through our parent company Compass Capital such as:

  • Consolidation of total assets
  • Strategic asset planning with comprehensive asset allocation
  • Advice on the selection, evaluation and management of private equity and real estate investments
  • Advice on choosing appropriate health and life insurance policies
  • Succession planning and inheritance
  • Tax and legal advisory services
  • Credit card and concierge services
  • Yacht and jet management
  • Event management
  • etc.