Asset Management

Institutional Investors

Institutional Clients

We offer flexible management for the increasing assets of insurance and health insurance companies by structuring a portfolio designed to provide optimal long-term return of the portfolio while minimizing risk, ensure low investment costs and strict regulatory compliance.

Also, if required, we can undertake comprehensive analysis of the existing portfolio of the company by analyzing the suitability of existing investment programs for meeting the company's investment objectives.

In managing the assets of our clients, our experts will make a careful selection of financial instruments and in the appropriate mix depending on the economic situation and the phases of the economic cycle; will undertake regular rebalancing of the assets over time; will initiate ad-hoc dynamic adjustments of the positions within the different asset classes, etc.

Our customized solutions are aimed at achieving higher returns for our clients and are fully consistent with their risk profile. In managing our client's portfolio, our professional team is led mainly by the objectives and priorities of each client, their investment objectives and investment limitations.

Corporate Clients and Businesses

For those of our clients, mainly businesses with extra or temporarily free resources we can provide flexible cash management in order to achieve maximum profit for the company while keeping the preservation of capital as the highest priority. Our team of experts will draw up an investment strategy in dialogue with the client, aiming to fulfill the individual needs of each company and any particular stage of development and in line with its risk tolerance profile.

In line with the investment objectives of the client, our team will select a suitable combination of financial instruments and will actively manage the investment portfolio by constant monitoring of market developments and if necessary making ad-hoc adjustments in line with the changes in the investment strategy of each individual client.