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Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit


  2015 2016 2017 2018 YTD
Return 0.04% -2.24%   5.21% -1.68% 0.68%
Standard deviation  3.43%  4.51%   6.15% 5.35%


Compass Strategy follows a balanced investment strategy and is designed for investors who are willing to assume a moderate level of risk while seeking growth of their investments in real terms. This is to be achieved through a steady income provided by investments in fixed income and capital gains from investments in shares of public companies. The Fund aims to achieve optimal balance between risk and return by undertaking an adjustment in portfolio structure to reflect the right market conditions and investment opportunities presented by different asset classes.

The Fund invests in carefully selected instruments with a view of achieving a diversified portfolio which can be protected from adverse price movements in financial markets, while avoiding a significant exposure to individual market sector/company/instrument. In order to secure maximum diversification and optimal ratio between risk and return, investment decisions are based on both the expected return of a financial instrument and the correlation between daily yield of a financial instrument and the daily yield of the Fund's assets as a whole. 

ISIN BG9000003079
Fund's currency BGN
Date of launching 11.04.2007
Date of change of Managerial team June 2011
Accounting year 01.01 - 31.12
Purchase fee -
Redemption fee 1.0%
Management fee 2.4%

Unit prices calculated on 20.09.2019 based on the Net Asset Value of the fund as at 19.09.2019

Fund Net Asset Value
NAV per unit Purchase price Redemption price Quantity of Units outstanding
18 716 170.20 BGN 0.7131 BGN 0.7131 BGN 0.7060 BGN 26 248 019.4461

The above prices are valid for orders submitted not later than 4 p.m. on 19.09.2019. When purchasing units of this Fund no other expenses are charged. Charges for redemption of units are 1.0% of the NAV per unit and are included in the redemption price.

Detailed information about the Fund including the Prospectus, the Key investor information, Monthly newsletter and other documents can be downloaded from the Documents section.